Heart & Lungs
an exceptional duo

Shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, loud snoring and many other symptoms require both a cardiological and a pulmonological clarification. The Herz-Lungen-Praxis, our heart and lung practice, offers you this interdisciplinary care.


Cardiology and Pneumology in your

Herz-Lungen-Praxis in Basel

Recognizing symptoms

Are you looking for a clear diagnosis and individualized treatment? Our team of experienced cardiology and pulmonology specialists will guide you along the path to a suitable treatment plan. During treatment, our team from the Herz-Lungen-Praxis will be by your side.

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Staying in rhythm

It should beat unwaveringly, reliably and continuously. However, there are many factors that can negatively impact heart function. Detecting them early and strengthening a damaged heart is our top priority.

The cardiologists at the Herz-Lungen-Praxis are there for you with comprehensive clinical expertise and state-of-the-art examination methods.

Breathing deeply

Breathing with ease is one of the body’s basic needs. If the lungs are not working properly, this not only detracts from quality of life, but can also have serious cardiovascular consequences.

At the Herz-Lungen-Praxis practice, we offer you cutting-edge diagnostics for pulmonary issues and a wide range of treatment options.

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Two specialties – one practice

Are you looking for a medical practice that diagnoses and treats both cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases? The Herz-Lungen-Praxis offers you precisely this interdisciplinary care. The benefit for you: You are always treated by the same doctor, who closely collaborates with the other specialists to give you the best possible care.


The heart sets the rhythm. If you are worried about your heart, we are here for you. At our Herz-Lungen-Praxis, a team of specialists awaits you. They will give you and your health their full attention. and use state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment.


Kardiologie Basel bei Herzbeschwerden


The lungs provide us with the oxygen we need to survive. If oxygen absorption is impaired, shortness of breath seriously limits quality of life. Our pulmonologists are here for you and will help you catch your breath so you can achieve better quality of life.


Pneumologie Basel bei Lungenbescherden

Your Herz-Lungen-Praxis

Are you looking for a modern doctor’s practice that offers top-level cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine? Our experienced team of specialists will be by your side with unique expertise during diagnosis and treatment, supported by state-of-the-art technology. Inviting facilities and short waiting periods ensure that you feel comfortable with us.

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